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If a particular food did not exist 200 years ago...

Say, for example, an energy bar or drink, then avoid it as often as possible.

Include fresh vegetables for lunch and dinner. It’s easy to include them with breakfast as well by making a spinach-tomato omelet. Enjoy natural fats at every meal. As an example, with your omelet, include a quarter of an avocado.

For your lunch, have a spinach salad with wild salmon. For dinner, have a Miracle Noodle veggie stir fry with coconut oil. It’s always good to include natural fats at every meal, not only to keep you feeling full longer, but also because natural fat aids in the absorption of nutrients in the veggies.

Just make sure you are consuming natural fats that have existed for thousands of years; nachos covered with bacon weren’t exactly around during the Roman Empire. But olive oil was.

Have high blood sugar and want to lose weight?

Don’t eat non-food foods.

To reiterate, counting calories is unnecessary and will ultimately set you up for failure. Points systems don’t work most of the time for long-term weight loss because it allows for non-nutrient dense foods in the diet, albeit at less amounts.

Still, eating three small chocolate chip cookies and feeling good about it because it fits within a points system will not help you if you have diabetes or other metabolic disorders.

Hopefully the dietary bargain of not having to count calories and being able to enjoy some of your favorite foods that have fat and protein, albeit healthy ones like grass-fed beef, makes it worth eliminating from your diet as much as possible, non-nutrient dense foods like baked goods.

Shirataki (Remember that term from the beginning? It’s the style of noodle in Japan that is Miracle Noodle) noodles allow you to enjoy the experience of eating your favorite comfort meal without counting calories or points!

It’s especially favorable for those challenged by metabolic disorders to adopt a nutrient-dense lifestyle without sacrificing taste.

But once in a blue moon, it’s good to deprive yourself of tasting food altogether. Don’t worry, we’re not talking about a crazy period of time like a week. Sometimes it’s enough to go 14 hours without eating. Not necessarily during the day, but from the moment you finish eating dinner, say at 7 p.m. until you break the fast the next morning at 9 a.m.

Those hunger pangs you sometimes feel are not necessarily because your body is telling you it’s time to eat; the feeling could be from your body detoxing from unhealthy-sugary food you’ve feasted on for months and years.

“Feed me, feed me. Need more sugar,” your stomach growls.

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  • Besides being a great role model, Iris is my weight loss coach and friend. My eating restrictions and exercise limitations are complicated because of illnesses I've had and the medications I'm on. For instance, I cant eat gluten, soy, corn and dairy. My exercise is restricted by peripheral neuropathy and Lymphedema. Iris helps me shop for food that I can eat and that I like and find activities that I can do, like water aerobics. Read More
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