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How do you handle the munchies when you're bored and stuck inside?

It's raining and horrible outside. A perfect day to eat. So how do you handle the munchies when you're bored and stuck inside?

Well, first of all, you walk into the kitchen and survey what you have available to eat and drink.

Start with beverages because they will fill you up without adding a ton of carbs and calories -- unless it's soda which you shouldn't have on hand anyway. Pull out a tall glass and coffee mug and collect your drinks: water (jazz it up with fruit slices or flavored liquid stevia), sparkling water, tea, iced tea, coffee, iced coffee, chicken or vegetable broth (I always keep cans or cartons on hand for emergencies).

Next, check your veggies, cut up a bunch and put them in a bowl. What do you have for dips? Hummus? Guacamole? Greek yogurt (you can add stuff to make it really savory). Assemble a small bowl or plate for the veggies, and a really little one for the dips.

How about almonds, olives and crackers? My go-to crackers are Magic Pop (4 carbs, many flavors), Kitchen Table Bakers Parmesan Cheese Crisps (1 carb for 3 crackers) and Quest Protein Chips (2 carbs per bag). Have them ready,

Finally, gather up some protein: low-fat string cheese or other cheese, hard boiled eggs, turkey breast or cubes of chicken breast (I always have these on hand).

The mere act of organizing everything should make you feel less hungry because you're DOING SOMETHING POSITIVE.

Next, select a beverage and ONE SMALL SNACK. I personally vote for a Magic Pop with hummus and veggies on it. Take it OUT OF THE KITCHEN, set a timer for 1 hour and DON'T GO BACK IN until it rings.

Repeat if necessary.

Think you can do it? Try it! I have confidence in you! And let me know how it goes. I take my clients grocery shopping to stock up on "the good stuff." If you live in St. Louis I'll be happy to help you shop -- or I can coach you over the phone.

Finally, here's your tip for today:

"If you don't take care of your body, where are you going to live?"

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  • Besides being a great role model, Iris is my weight loss coach and friend. My eating restrictions and exercise limitations are complicated because of illnesses I've had and the medications I'm on. For instance, I cant eat gluten, soy, corn and dairy. My exercise is restricted by peripheral neuropathy and Lymphedema. Iris helps me shop for food that I can eat and that I like and find activities that I can do, like water aerobics. Read More
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