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For the first time in forever, I am feeling HAPPINESS. I had forgotten what that emotion was. Seriously. Apprently I have been carrying around a lot of stuff besides excess weight. I need to start a journal of all my feelings in this journey. I feel like I am walking down a brand new (bumpy unpaved) road and God is holding my hand as we go along. Swinging the hands as we walk, and laughing.




I have been a dieter most of my life and I always fell back into old habits.  Since working with Iris, I have continued to lose pounds and inches because I no longer think of myself as dieting.  I am living a new lifestyle that is fun, healthy and I am never hungry.  I don’t weigh myself every day.  I just feel thin and I have left the plus size women’s department and am now a Misses lady.  What a great change!  I feel more energetic and happy.  Try it!




I never had a weight problem until I became seriously ill with an auto-immune disease and other issues.  Most people think you lose weight when you have my condition, but I put on 75 pounds!  I didn’t know the first thing about dieting and didn’t have energy to even try because I am constantly exhausted and in pain.  Iris has been so compassionate and creative.  She has found a way for me to eat healthier instead of ordering out lasagna and existing on bagels and ice cream.  She has taken me to the grocery store and taught me to read labels.  She calls me to find out how I’m doing.  And she has even come up with an exercise plan that I can actually stick to.  She calls my program “Baby Steps” and I am thrilled because I’m fitting into clothes that were too tight just a few weeks ago.





Last year my new internist suggested I lose at least 20 pounds although I was generally in good shape.  Thanks to my wife and her program, I lost virtually the entire weight my doctor recommended as a result of a better diet and exercise.  It was easy.  I recently saw my doctor again and he is very satisfied with “my new look.”   My tailor is also happy since I had to have all of my pants taken in, but it was worth the extra cost.





Besides being a great role model, Iris is my weight loss coach and friend.  My eating restrictions and exercise limitations are complicated because of illnesses I've had and the medications I'm on.  For instance, I cant eat gluten, soy, corn and dairy.  My exercise is restricted by peripheral neuropathy and Lymphedema.  Iris helps me shop for food that I can eat and that I like and find activities that I can do, like water aerobics.  She advises me on eating out strategies and reminds me not to be too hard on myself or weigh myself obsessively.  I now know that if I just trust the process, I'll get to my goal which is to live a healthy, active life.  I don't know how I would do it without Iris.





I have definitely Been There Done That. Many times. As soon as I saw an article about Iris' new business, I instinctively knew that this would be a good fit for me. Having Iris as personal coach who is knowledgeable about weight issues and who has conquered her own gives me the encouragement that I need. Not only am I losing weight,  I am also beginning to understand which habits I can develop so that "each pound I lose will be the last time I lose it." I am modifying not only what I eat but how and when I eat. And I have finally begun exercising again but this time in a way I really enjoy.  I feel great and am so glad to have Iris as my mentor and coach.   



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