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Customized Weight Management Coach & Mentor in St. Louis

Customized Services

Let Me Be Your Best Friend!

Initial Consultation

  • 1 ½ hours
  • Information gathering:
    • Weight loss history
    • Current health status
    • Current diet and exercise
    • Identifying biggest stumbling blocks to success
    • Analyzing daily routine
    • “Baby Steps”
      • What behavior changes can you commit to?
      • Analyzing food and exercise preferences


  • Face-to-Face meetings
  • Shopping for supplies
  • Grocery shopping
  • Using the tools (carb book, online tools, weighing & measuring, keeping a lifestyle journal)
  • Reading labels
  • Ordering in a restaurant
  • Going on vacation
  • Enlisting the support of family and friends

Phone/Text/Email Support

  • Analyzing your lifestyle journal
  • Answering questions
  • Planning your day
  • Holding your hand

Coaching clients also receive weekly emails with recipes, tips, motivational materials and useful information.

Face-to-Face coaching clients will also be invited to a monthly seminar on a timely topic and to share your journey with others if you wish (no weigh-ins or announcing how much you’ve lost).

You Can Do This!!!

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  • Last year my new internist suggested I lose at least 20 pounds although I was generally in good shape. Thanks to my wife and her program, I lost virtually the entire weight my doctor recommended as a result of a better diet and exercise. It was easy. I recently saw my doctor again and he is very satisfied with “my new look.” My tailor is also happy since I had to have all of my pants taken in, but it was worth the extra cost. Read More
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