“I Will Hold Your Hand Every Step Of The Way!”

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It's All In Your Head!

Your mind can be your worst enemy.

It doesn’t matter what you eat, how much, when – or whether or not you exercise.  If you aren’t in the right mindset, YOU WILL NOT ACHIEVE PERMANENT SUCCESS. 

So, what is the right mindset?

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My Story of Success

Ever since I can remember, weight has been an issue for me.  I was the kid who had to buy clothes in the Chubette department.  I was bad at gym.  I used to dread having my height and weight checked in front of all my classmates at the beginning of the school year.  Sound familiar?


Research Your Options

There are thousands of weight loss programs.  Many of them are good, but they all have one thing missing:  they focus on weight loss (bad word) rather than lifestyle.  YOU WANT TO MAKE A LIFESTYLE CHANGE.  Think about it:  why go to all the effort of just losing weight when you can get really healthy and fit?


Psych Yourself Up!

When people ask me if it was hard to lose 135 pounds, I tell them – truthfully – no.  I never once thought about how much weight I had to lose (relinquish).  It would have been too daunting and depressing. Instead, I told myself this: EVERY POUND THAT I LOSE I NEVER WANT TO GAIN BACK.