“I Will Hold Your Hand Every Step Of The Way!”

Customized Weight Management Coach & Mentor in St. Louis

It’s Not About the Food; It’s All About the Mood

When: Wednesday, May 11
Time: 7-8:30 p.m.
Where: The Center of Clayton, 50 Gay Ave.
Price: Free


CONTACT:  IRIS SALSMAN (314.495.3017)

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Every year, countless people attempt to put their past failures behind them by vowing to lose weight and get healthy. Their resolve lasts a while, until boredom and frustration eventually set in. Few reach their goal – and even fewer maintain their achievement.

Iris Salsman, founder of Been There Done That, a weight management program designed to keep clients motivated and successful through every step of their journey, is offering a free seminar to help those who are struggling adopt the right mindset to once and for achieve success.

“It’s Not About the Food; It’s All About the Mood” identifies the toxic ways dieters undermine their own efforts. Salsman discusses the triggers that cause people to “slip,” as she calls it – in contrast to “cheat” – and she offers strategies for creating a realistic lifestyle that is effective and attainable.

A veteran dieter, Salsman developed Been There Done That in an effort to overcome her own weight challenges.  After consulting with physicians, nutritionists and trainers, and creating what she calls a “Live-it” as opposed to a “Diet,” she ultimately shed 135 pounds in 14 months and has maintained her weight loss since 2012. He program incorporates low carb healthy eating, exercise and face-to-face and online coaching and support.  Salsman also works with clients who opt to follow other weight loss programs but need the mentoring and encouragement she provides.

The seminar will be held on Wednesday, May 11, 7-8:30 p.m., at The Center of Clayton, 50 Gay Ave. There is no cost to attend but reservations are required as there is limited seating. All attendees will receive a copy of Salsman’s Strategies for Success.

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  • Last year my new internist suggested I lose at least 20 pounds although I was generally in good shape. Thanks to my wife and her program, I lost virtually the entire weight my doctor recommended as a result of a better diet and exercise. It was easy. I recently saw my doctor again and he is very satisfied with “my new look.” My tailor is also happy since I had to have all of my pants taken in, but it was worth the extra cost. Read More
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